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Re: slight update to draft-macdonald-antispam-registry

2011-05-11 10:05:49

John Levine wrote:
The problem I have with this argument is that blackhole lists, in my
experience, cause a large number of legitimate messages to fail to be

Having gone to a lot of MAAWG meetings, and talked to people who run
the mail systems at every large ISP in the country, and quite a few in
other countries, I can report that their experience with DNSBLs is
utterly unlike yours.  There are plenty of incompetently run DNSBLs,
but nobody uses them so they don't matter.

Here's the thing, its much more popular at the smaller systems level and the larger systems were the late comers. So its popularity is quite massive even without the larger system or trade group MAAWG endorsement.

Our default sites settings for DNSRBLs are:

In that initial order which as based efficiency and turn around time. The algorithm monitors changes the order based on response rates. Higher overhead lookups moves the site to the bottom, better responses move it to the top of the query test.

I have my reservations about the wisdom or utility of providing fine
grained reports to people whose mail you don't accept, but not because
of error rates in DNSBLs.



Hector Santos

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