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Putting it all together

2011-10-29 23:12:42

Tim Kehres wrote:

While it might not help significantly, something more generic
would at least slightly and temporarily lower the odds of a
different problem.

A generic solution would also mean that we don't have to design the same solution multiple times for different applications. A few cases were brought up earlier such as if a site needs to be unavailable for a pre-determined period of time (site maintenance, etc). I'm sure with some thought we'd be able to come up with more, and as time goes on, additional applications will probably also find this of use.

Here is what I think might be ideal:

  ID1 - Base definition protocol for a standard structured format
        for SMTP client/server Text Responses.

  ID2 - SMTP Extension traffic control extension defining the
        wait=time tag (based on ID1) and its extended multiple

  ID3 - SMTP Extension for Greylisting, official IETF formulation
        of the framework, its implementation and its retry=
        and expire= tags (based on ID1). I have no problem of
        renaming retry= to wait= tag, and if it makes sense to
        reference ID2 for Greylisting usage of blocking delays.

It seems to me ID2 and ID3 are very different since as I understand there is no enforcement in ID2 where its a critical part for ID3. Please I am adding the optional "expire=time-expire" tag for those that need it. ID3 is not the place for adding the suggestions for loading limiting, server limits. That would idea I think under a "SMTP Traffic Control" ID2.

Overall, with the different ideas discussed and suggestions for structured text information, I think it would ideal to begin a ID1 that defines a base protocol formatting of new structured text information for all current considerations and the future. I think this can have a very positive value to improve the dynamic SMTP client/server communications in an optional, backward compatible and very flexible and somewhat unlimited way.


Hector Santos
jabber: hector(_at_)jabber(_dot_)isdg(_dot_)net