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Re: [ietf-smtp] [Proposal] confusing parts of the mail system, was 250-MARKDOWN

2019-01-09 17:27:15

--On Wednesday, January 9, 2019 15:08 -0800 Gene Hightower
<gene(_at_)digilicious(_dot_)com> wrote:


My mail server doesn't support or understand any media types
at all. MIME and media types are all handled in the MUA.

I agree, except for BINARYMIME: the one MIME type advertised
in the greeting stage of ESMTP.

Even that is dubious.  What BINARYMIME does an SMTP extension is
to enable the use of those media types; it does not require or
specify them.

As for text/markdown as a MIME type: it would be nice to have
something lighter than HTML for simple formatted text.  But we
already have text/enriched defined in RFC 1896 and that seems
to have zero adoption.

Actually, fairly heavily adopted in the early days, just largely
irrelevant, as a little markup but not much, since text/html was
specified and took over

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