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Re: Faux Pas -- web publication in proprietary formats at

2005-11-05 18:54:10
Anthony G. Atkielski wrote:
The advantage of PDF is that it preserves the exact
appearance of the original document,

For thoe who want this that's nice as far as it works,
but I'm generally more interested in the _content_ and
not style or layout.  And I don't want to print it, I
want to read it.  In a GUI or text mode window with
the dimensions selected by me.

PDF readers of some kind are available for just about
every conceivable platform, and they all work extremely

This is not the case.  Last DOS version I've seen was
AcroDos 1, last available OS/2 version was AcroRead 3.

With PDF I'd guess that my chances are about 50%, for
PS it's more like 90%, for HTML minus JS/CSS/flash etc.
it's 99%, and for US ASCII it's of course 100%.  Dito
for Latin-1 or windows-1252, but I disgress.

the printing industry long ago adopted PDF (and PDF
was designed for that industry).

IIRC that _was_ also the initial idea of SGML.

HTML may look nothing like the author intended.

Now if the author is more interested in his layout than
readability and accesibility, let alone transport costs,
then he's obviously stupid.

I don't need fancy formatting in e-mail.

I don't need "1:1 printability", as long as I can read
it it's fine from my POV.

If I truly wish to send something that is nicely 
formatted, I send PDF.

Version history popstop.cmd 1.7:
| Added JV to MAGIC(), binary starts with %PDF or similar

They are mostly geeks, with a poor grasp of the
real world of end users

It was only a spammer trying PDF because it offers links
not found by SpamCop's parser.
                             Bye, Frank

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