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RE: EARLY submission deadline - Fact or Fiction?

2005-11-29 13:22:03

        I think we're close to agreement here, however there are
(at least) two levels/kinds of enforcement involved in what we
are talking about.  One - the enforcement of policy regarding 
posting to the Internet Draft depository - has to be done by the 
Secretariat.  The other - enforcement of what gets discussed in 
the WG meeting -  is not even an option for the Secretariat.

        I suppose they could put spies in the meetings and schedule 
a much smaller room at the next meeting, if they don't like what
is being discussed in any meeting - but I frankly doubt the have
time, or inclination, to do that.

        What tends to happen in practice (that I've observed) is
that the posting policy usually guides the discussion policy.
Otherwise, there are too many variations in policy and no common
place to find out which one applies where. 

        If we agree that having the WG chair - possibly with some
form of guidance from the AD - decide when exceptions may apply 
to the discussion policy, then we have essentially agreed to what 
is already status quo.  

        Nice chatting with you.  :-)


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--> > If I understand the two choices you present are:  
--> > 
--> >     1) the wg has to decide to overrule a default deadline; 
--> >     2) the wg has to decide on all of its own deadlines.
--> > 
--> > It seems to me (granted I have limited experience) that 
--> the administrative
--> > overhead is actually higher in the second case -- 
--> frequently it is simplifies
--> > things to just have a default case. 
--> The question is who enforces a deadline.
--> Having the Secretariat enforce it means that the 
--> Secretariat must be 
--> involved in exceptions. That's high overhead and delay.
--> The alternative is to move both policy and enforcement to 
--> the working group.
--> Given the amount of agenda-bashing, document-negotiation, 
--> etc. that already 
--> must (and should) take place within a working group, I 
--> think that the matter 
--> of deciding submission deadlines is a small increment.
--> That said, it can't hurt to have a "guideline" for a 2-week 
--> deadline, or the 
--> like, so that a chair can declare that to be in effect as 
--> the default.
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