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Re: [spf-discuss] Re: advice wrong, or is it?

2007-12-21 14:20:28
On Fri, Dec 21, 2007 at 01:16:26PM -0700, WebMaster(_at_)Commerco(_dot_)Net 

Now I am confused (not all that unusual).

You aren't. The troll is.

If I forward an email from you (with or without your permission) 
while claiming to be me and passing that email through my strict SPF 
host, I can do that just fine... I think, mostly because I'm not 
claiming to be you, but rather forwarding along a message from you 
(in the DATA section of the SMTP dialogue) with my information in the 
header (MAIL FROM dialogue).

Now if someone is forwarding my email, claiming to be me, I don't 
care for that behavior, thus I have an SPF record in an effort to 
prevent that.  Where am I going wrong?

There is absolutely no forwarding problem.  The person receiving a
message (note: receiving!) is resending the message using someone
else's email address.  He's doing the damage but expects others to
clean up after him if things fail.

What's worse, he himself is sending to an account which *also* opted
in to SPF. So the troll *is* using SPF.  Else there wouldn't be a
so called problem.


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