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Re: [Asrg] Adding a spam button to MUAs

2010-01-28 11:31:28
Even worse, users will learn what the button means by the effect (they 
think) they obtain by hitting it, which may vary.

Web mail has had spam buttons for years, and the users seem to have
figured out how to use them.  Can you explain exactly how the issues
with a spam button in a MUA would be different?

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I'd consider bringing up a confirmation dialog when disambiguation is 

End-users can be a poor judge as to what is spam. Abuse desks receiving
complaints of unwanted email need to ascertain whether there is evidence
of spam, such as content clearly in the commercial interest of the
sender, and not the recipient, etc.

One key point is to establish which complaints require human 
inspection and why. This can be done better deploying collaborative 
interchange with trusted senders.
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