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Re: Multiple actions in Sieve script.

1999-01-25 11:23:40
Tim Showalter wrote:
Incidentially, I really think we should dump implicit keep. If this is
not the case, I'd really like to know it now.

Not without adding something else to replace it, because I think it
would be difficult to recreate the implicit keep's capability using the
other features currently available within the language.

Adding a test primitive in which you can explicitly test to see if the
message had been dealt with would provide one way to do it. Another way
would be to adding variables to the language into which you can store
state and later test against. The latter would be overkill, but could
have other uses as well, as well as headaches. Probably the easiest
would be the former, something like:

        if message-is :unhandled {

Gosh, you could have all sorts of state you could test for. :-)

        Tony Hansen

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