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Re: Multiple actions in Sieve script.

1999-01-26 15:08:59
Randall Gellens wrote:

At 3:45 AM +0300 1/26/99, Alexey Melnikov wrote:

1). How to treat multiple FileInto - additive or selective (first/last)?
my opinion: Additive, if server supports multiple FileInto. Otherwise file
into last.

This reduces interoperability.  The script must be tailored to
different environments.

I am not insisting. I just want to hear consensus.
I really meant : "Server MAY treat multiple FileInto additive, if it support
multiple FileInto. Otherwise file
into last."
(I prefer file into last because for me it is easier to redefine target mailbox
later in a script).

2). Can FileInto have multiple parameters? How treat them if the answer is
my opinion: Yes. Treat FileInto with multiple parameters as atomic operation
[as Matthew proposed] (the alternative is to treat it as multiple

(Same comment).

3). What to do if fileinto fails?

File into default mailbox.  That is the safest action.

Right. I didn't answer this question because Matthew was talking about FileInto
that does "all or nothing". I have no strong opinion.

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