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Re: First vs. last -- Need and interest

2007-02-04 13:05:40

On Sun, Feb 04, 2007, Dave Crocker wrote:

In other words, how clear is it what problems need to be solved? In 
phrasing it that way, I am really posing questions:  1) What problems are 
being solved?  2) What is the basis for believing that there is a ready 
community of adopters for the solution, or rather, that there is a market 
that agrees that the problems need solving?

1) Per RCPT filtering is a request we ( get fairly
often. As it cannot be done "directly" in ESMTP (yet), people ask
for "wierd" workarounds that are complicated to implement.  Moreover,
I already see some workarounds being implemented at some ISPs (e.g.,
accept only 1 RCPT per transaction) as well as in milters.

2) The number of requests we get and the number of "workaround

I keep wondering whether it isn't just as useful and far simpler to have an 
SMTP option that says "send addresses after content"?

No (see an earlier mail about this suggestion).