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Re: another per-recipient data reply proposal

2007-02-04 19:50:18

Claus Assmann wrote:

Here's another proposal based on my implementation experiences:

* Client initiates by sending MAIL with an extension.
* RCPT returns normal reply codes.
* DATA and the last BDAT return (in order):
  - one reply code per recipient which got a 2yz reply.
  - one end of mail reply code (as in the current ESMTP model,
    which is the same as the "final" reply code in

How about limiting it to a kind of "SREJ" (selective reject) ?

If all 2yz accept the mail just send a final 2yz.  And if all
rejected it just send a final 5yz.  If some rejected it send
corresponding "SREJs" indicating "who" that is (like 551, only
different, "why" as extended code), terminated by a final 2yz.