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Re: First vs. last -- Need and interest

2007-02-04 14:25:11

On 2/4/2007 3:09 PM, Dave Crocker wrote:

not quite :)

Claus Assmann wrote:
I keep wondering whether it isn't just as useful and far simpler to have an 
SMTP option that says "send addresses after content"?
No (see an earlier mail about this suggestion).

I am not finding any postings that relate to the model I am suggesting. 
Although there are some statements of preference, perhaps, there aren't any 
explanations that I am finding.

I think he was referring to discussions in ASRG before we moved here.
There are lots of problems with it, but the biggest headache is that there
is a huge amount of mail that does not have any valid recipients, so
transferring the body without recipient confirmation is a waste often as
not. As one anecdotal example, half of the messages I get here on any
given day have envelope recipients that are nothing more than message IDs.
More complicated examples of this are spamtrap addresses, whose purpose
for existence is to prevent me from having to accept mail that includes
them as named recipients.

Eric A. Hall                              
Internet Core Protocols