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Re: First vs. last -- Need and interest

2007-02-04 14:50:25

On 04/02/07, Claus Assmann <ietf-smtp(_at_)esmtp(_dot_)org> wrote:

Summary: IMHO this is a fairly important feature. It will help those
MTAs which implement it to avoid the problems of the current

This is a regularly-requested feature for Exim, also. New adopters
understand the advantage of per-recipient preferences for
envelope-level filtering (DNSBLs, HELO checks, rDNS
existance/consistency, SPF, etc) and want to extend this to
content-level per-recipient filtering preferences.

For others you can simply only accept one RCPT[*]
per transaction, especially from "unknown" sources.

PS: [*] obviously you can enhance this by accepting multiple
RCPTs if they have the same filtering requirements.

Yes, this type of workaround is documented on[1], promoted on
exim-users and presumably adopted by some proportion of the userbase.
For smaller sites, the workaround probably has negligible impact, but
it doesn't scale to large ESP/ISPs.

A solution is therefore needed.



Peter Bowyer
Email: peter(_at_)bowyer(_dot_)org