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Re: per user post-data rejects, Processing after the end of DATA

2010-08-12 19:06:55

Dave CROCKER wrote:
> Might as well ask an even more basic question:
> I had the impression that multi-recipient RCPT-TO usage had
> essentially disappeared.  The growth of sending per-recipient tailored
> messages seemed to be the cause.

Wow. Not in my experience, definitely not for ordinary B-to-B, where the
median is probably over 1.5, and not even for legit bulk.

This matches my experience as well.

I had a particularly memorable sender a year ago that sent newsletters.
They highly optimized their RCPT TO's, so not only would they send to
multiple recipients in the same message, they'd combine recipients in
different domains if the MX's allowed it. It was a headache for me
because some of my customers were careless with their MX records, and
mail would be combined for recipients that were on different mailhosts.

Indeed. A not uncommon support request we get is how to raise the recipient
limit from its default of 128. It's much too low for a nonnegligable number of
applications - in some cases by as much as two orders of magnitude. (Yes, the
settings are all documented, but you know how that goes...)


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