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Re: per user post-data rejects, Processing after the end of DATA

2010-08-12 19:30:56

ned+ietf-smtp(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com wrote:
So if they've decided it's spam, what's the problem with throwing it away?

The same problem as always: False positives. While I think the various
admonitions we have in various documents that try and discourage silently
dropping messages are unrealistic, the fact remains that silent draps create reliability issues. Rejects address this issue and are preferable, as long
as they don't create additional issues.

"Spam" filters might include virus scanning, too, and the false positive rates on virus scanning have gotten totally out of hand in the past year or so. This is not a trivial matter; the kind of content that triggers false positives in the AV scanners tend to be the kind that users get upset over when it goes missing, e.g., compound documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs.


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