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Re: per user post-data rejects, Processing after the end of DATA

2010-08-13 03:08:35

That's certainly true, although uncommon in my own experience because 
providers make operational choices  to avoid it. As much as possible, the 
ability to enable or disable a service is kept at the same (or higher) 
granularity than the MX names.

Yes, that would have been nice.

Unfortunately, where we had this (at a previous job) we had some customers on 
the generic "customer of this ISP" domain that were paying for AV, and some 
that weren't.

Simply giving them all the service wasn't possible, as the AV engine was 
licensed on a per-user basis.

We also had to operate on the basis that AV and anti-spam services could only 
be provided by explicit consent, since doing otherwise could fall foul of our 
equivalent of "common carrier".


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