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Re: [ietf-smtp] [Shutup] Proposed Charter for the "SMTP Headers Unhealthy To User Privacy" WG (fwd)

2015-12-04 11:51:11
On 12/04/2015 11:54 AM, Dave Crocker wrote:

Extended tutorial material is well and good in the right context, but it
is not typically considered appropriate for vetting a working group
creation effort.  Worse, I believe the tutorial exercise has been going
on for quite a few days now, which makes it costly, as well as wasteful.

Yes, you're quite right.

Backing up to the original mandate of this discussion:

I think it's fairly evident that the draft (and some of the discussions here are venturing into areas outside of the normal scope of IETF work (eg: social policy) and has insufficient practical experience to be adequately informed on how to accomplish the result, let alone the potential consequences from an operational/security/privacy perspective.

Work in this area can be immensely useful, but the candidate draft presumes too much and needs substantial re-work, probably to the point of starting over. For example:

- Normative "MUST NOT" wording won't work in an IETF non-technical/non-interoperability policy-based supposedly optional choice.

- The draft has no understanding that the Received lines and other headers may well have exactly the same information in other than a Received "from clause". IOW: the proposal doesn't come close to addressing the desired outcome.

- The draft makes no notice of the privacy, operational or security issues that can be impaired by the lack of such information. IOW: the proposal may well do more harm than good even if only to privacy.

Before deciding what the draft should say, let alone before re-work/starting over, we need to have a proper discussion of the pros/cons of doing anything in this space, and if we do decide to do something in this space, identify what protocol details need to be addressed.

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