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Re: [ietf-smtp] persistent identifiers, was Proposed Charter

2015-12-12 14:03:09
At 22:03 +0000 on 12/11/2015, John Levine wrote about Re: [ietf-smtp] persistent identifiers, was Proposed Charte:

* - give or take all the ones who imagine that my gmail address is
their gmail address

I know have you feel. I have an AOL address that I have had since AOL started and I have at least lots of people who seem to think it is theirs and use it. Right now I am getting email from a Doctor's group and a Condo in California. Worse I get credit card statements, hotel reservation, etc. to that address. I wonder what they think when they never get their email. I have given up on sending a message to the contact for a list to contact the person some other way to get their correct email address. Once or twice when the message has had a Phone Number or Snail Mail address I make the effort to contact them to tell them but in most cases I do not bother to contact them or to unsub from the list.

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