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Re: [ietf-smtp] Fwd: Request to form a new WG: JMAP

2016-11-09 12:46:38
On 09/11/2016 16:13, Ned Freed wrote:

Op 8-11-2016 om 02:49 schreef Keith Moore:
> I'm not a huge fan of IMAP and it's looking pretty baroque by now, and POP is so dysfunctional and ill-suited to mobile devices that phasing it out would make sense. And a completely new protocol might actually be a good idea. But *-over-HTTPS is almost certainly going to be worse than any of the above.
Nobody likes current IMAP, but IMAP v5 never took off.

An extensive rework the existing IMAP protocol is a daunting task. Not only
does it require in-depth knowledge of the existing protocol, it requires
considerable knowledge of how that protocol is used.


Like it or not, a key advantage of starting over is that you don't have to
worry about backwards compatibility with anything. You support the set of
features you deem important, and rely on various consistuencies to advocate for
the things they want.

It is true. While I generally like IMAP model (surprise, surprise :-)), in some areas there are extensions on top of extensions, which are not as efficient or as elegant to implement as I would have liked.

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