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Re: [Nmh-workers] some indexing results

2011-02-08 13:42:28
i think "show | patch" should work, but that's what isatty() is for.  one
of my major surprises in mhshow is that it does not call isatty() to find
out whether to default to -nopause, which show does for -nomoreproc.  i'd
like to see MH go back to the point where most of the time it just does the
right thing for interactive shell users and script writers are the ones
overriding the defaults.  "show | patch" is an example of how we'd never
automatically call "fmt" because isatty() would see that stdout is a pipe.

Makes sense to me.  When I had looked at it earlier, a very brief survey
suggested to me that most mail senders who did that actually set format=flowed
correctly, but I will admit that my survery was non-exhaustive (it was
only something like 3-4 messages :-) ).


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