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Re: [spf-discuss] Re: [OT]Calling Hector Santos

2005-08-26 15:03:45

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From: "wayne" <wayne(_at_)schlitt(_dot_)net>

domain_a:  v=spf1 ?include:domain_b -all
domain_b:  v=spf1 -ip4: +all

Now suppose the SENDER IP is so that there is a match in the policy.

Lets follow the PREFIX:

domain_a:  prefix=+  default
domain_a:  ?include:domain_b  prefix is now ?
    domain_b:  prefix=+  default
    domain_b:  -ip4 prefix is now -
        ip match -> return prefix=-

when the recursive call returns, what is the result?

    prefix=-  from hard ip4 match? or
    prefix=?  from hard ?include result?

Neither of those are correct.  The result is prefix=- from the -all.

So the first one is correct which is what I concluded in my message.

It acts like
'if (eval(target) == Pass ) return prefix;'.

Right, which means MATCHING can only return PASS or FAIL and nothing else for a 
INCLUDE.  I had another example that illustrated that, change domain_b to:

    domain_b:  v=spf1 ?ip4: +all

and there is a MATCH for the ?ip4. 

What is the result for this HARD NEUTRAL?

-- Hector

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