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Re: [spf-discuss] Hector's test script - Minor error

2005-08-27 00:24:42

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From: "Richard Bollinger" 

My client was at, a comcast cable modem connection
The IP I entered was, hello name gate.elliott-turbo.com
The mail from was rab(_at_)elliott-turbo(_dot_)com(_dot_)  The answer came 

I also ran the same process via with identical 
inputs and it passed.

The client IP should have not made a difference for the 
purposes of the test.... unless I misunderstand its intent.

Ok, thanks for trying it out. I looked at your all HTTP request to the 
TESTWCSAP.WCT resource and the actual processing of the request.

Right, the CLIENT IP should not had made a difference for the purpose of the 
simulation of a remote client agent providing manual input.

According to what I see in both logs (HTTP and WCSAP), everthing matches.

The first request came in at: - - [26/Aug/2005:16:21:32 -0400] "GET 

Thats your IP via your cable modem and the WCSAP process was recorded correctly 
(trimming miscellanous log entries):

20050826 16:21:30 -------------------------------------
20050826 16:21:30 version    : 2.05 / 1.10
20050826 16:21:30 xid        : public
20050826 16:21:30 calltype   : HTTP
20050826 16:21:30 callpath   : 
20050826 16:21:30 callerip   :  <---- VIA CABLE MODEM
20050826 16:21:30 cip        :  <--- FORM FIELD for CIP
20050826 16:21:30 cdn        : gate.elliott-turbo.com
20050826 16:21:30 from       : rab(_at_)elliott-turbo(_dot_)com
20050826 16:21:30 sapspf     : v=spf1 a:mail.elliott-turbo.com 
a:gate.elliott-turbo.com a:gatem.elliott-turbo.com a:gatec.elliott-turbo.com 
20050826 16:21:30 sapspf     : softfail (time:344)
20050826 16:21:32 sapcbv     : 250
20050826 16:21:32 result     : accept (-1)
20050826 16:21:32 wcsap finish (1922 msecs)

Note the address passed on the URL and used for the CIP in the 

You did another simular request  at 16:38: - - [26/Aug/2005:16:38:39 -0400] "GET 

with the same SOFTFAIL WCSAP results.

You had other test from the CLIENT IP address and CIP with the 
same address: - - [26/Aug/2005:16:27:02 -0400] "GET 

which passed the test.

Everything looks good Richard.  Is the issue the address?  That is 
whats logged and based on all the test I see you did:

  CIP=  (2 test)  result = SOFTFAIL
  CIP=  (2 test)    result = SOFTFAIL
  CIP= (5 test)  result = PASS  

Is this not correct based on your expectations?  Which RESULT is incorrect?

Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.

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