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Re: [ietf-dkim] Re: "I sign everything" yes/no

2006-11-27 07:48:56

Charles Lindsey wrote:

Assuming we can form some opinion on the relative merits of these approaches, where should we report that? The overview document, I should think,

Correct. Why don't you write up a fwe paragraphs on this and send
it to the list/authors for inclusion somewhere there?

> or wherever we report on what mailing lists should do. Our
charter says:

    The specifications will also advise mailing lists on how to
    take advantage of DKIM if they should choose to do so.

I think it is a reasonable extrapolation from that to consider gateways from Netnews to mailing lists at the same time, because of the similarities and differences between the two cases as discussed above. But I woulddn't want to consider Netnews any further than that limited topic

That sounds about right (esp. if we've a knowledgeable volunteer
writing text:-)


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