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Re: [sieve] Working group last call on draft-ietf-sieve-include

2011-07-18 08:21:45
Barry Leiba wrote:

The sieve-include doc looks ready to go.  Because Aaron and Cyrus are
both editors of this document, I'm playing doc shepherd and handling
chair duties related to the document.  And so here we start working
group last call on draft-ietf-sieve-include-10, which you can find

We've had good feedback on this, and I think it's solid.  Everyone,
please give it a last review and let us know whether you agree, or
whether you find anything that needs changing.  WGLC will end at the
end of July, just after the upcoming IETF meeting finishes.

Posts confirming that you've reviewed this version and agree that it's
ready are welcome.

I am mostly happy with this version, but I spotted several nits or minor errors:

2.  Conventions Used in This Document

  script execution
     an instance of a Sieve interpreter invoked for a given message
     delivery, starting with the user's active script and continuing
     through any included scripts until the message is delivered.

Pedantic comment: does "reject" or "discard" qualify as "message delivery"?

3.1.  General Considerations

  Sieve implementations MUST generate an error at execution time if an
  included script does not exist.

This is no longer true due to the addition of the :optional tag.

3.2.  Control Structure include

        Usage:   include *[PARAMETERS] <value: string>
                 PARAMETERS = LOCATION / :once / :optional
                 LOCATION = :personal / :global

  The "include" command takes an optional "location" parameter, an
  optional ":once" parameter, an optional ":optional" parameter, and a
  single string argument representing the name of the script to include
  for processing at that point.  It is RECOMMENDED that implementations
  restrict script names according to MANAGESIEVE [RFC5804] Section 1.7.

Did you mean Section 1.6 ("Script Names") instead of 1.7 ("Capabilities")?

Also, I think this requirement makes [RFC5804] Normative.

And finally, why is this not a MUST? Making a SHOULD level requirement seems a bit weak in this case.

4.  Security Considerations

  Sieve implementations MUST ensure that script names are checked for
  validity and proper permissions prior to inclusion, in order to
  prevent a malicious user from gaining acess to files accessible to

typo: access

  the mail server software that should not be accessible to the user.

5.1.  "include" Extension Registration

     Capability name: include
     Description:     adds the "include" command to execute other Sieve
                      scripts, and the "global" command and "global"
                      variables namespace to access variables shared
                      among included scripts.

The "return" action is not mentioned here.

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